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Buy High Quality 3D Filaments for Your 3D Printer´╗┐´╗┐

Buy great quality 3D filaments at Ink Depot to use in your 3D printers. 3D printers heat 3D filaments and extrude the filament out in different shapes, which then solidify after cooling.

Browse through our good range of affordable ABS and PLA 3D filament spools. Select the filament you want for fast delivery.

What are 3D filaments?

3D filaments are made of thermoplastics that become flexible when heated at specific temperatures and solidify again when cooled. They are used in 3D printers and 3D pens to build three-dimensional models of precise measurement and shape. While there are many types of filaments, ABS and PLA filaments are very popular.

Which filament to use for your 3D printer?

To find out the type of filament you can use, please check the user manual of your 3D printer (which will also be available online). Generally, most models allow use of ABS and PLA filaments of 1.75mm diameter. Only certain printer models allow temperatures high enough to melt other filament materials like nylon. Filaments are usually sold in spools by weight (usually ranging from 0.5 to 2kg).

ABS 3D filaments

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a common type used in 3D printing. It is the same plastic used for making Lego blocks, so expect models made with ABS to be sturdy and durable. It is inexpensive and nontoxic, but during printing, ABS can emit a chemical odour - you can solve this minor issue by operating the printer in a well-ventilated space with the window open.

PLA 3D filaments

PLA (poly lactic acid) is another type of thermoplastic material used for 3D printing. It is made from natural materials like cornstarch or soy beans. As a result, it is an eco-friendly and biodegradable option. It also produces a sweet smell while printing and is a good choice for home use.


ABS is less rigid than PLA, but can produce sturdy, durable items and is commonly used for making precise prototype models. Like PLA, it is inexpensive and suitable for casual use at home as well as in manufacturing businesses.

PLA is generally stiffer and stronger than ABS but it is not very heat-resistant. PLA is a great choice for hobbyists and those who are just getting started with 3D printing since it is easy to work with.

Storing 3D filaments

Buy 3D filaments as and when you need to use them. Filaments can absorb moisture from the air and result in poor quality models. If you have any unused filaments left over, store them in airtight containers or ziploc bags with silica gel to keep them dry.

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