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Canon Ink Cartridges

Step into the world of printers, ink and toner cartridges with Ink Depot, a one-stop online portal for your printer cartridges. Ink Depot offers a wide range of Canon Genuine ink cartridges suitable for all Canon printers at the best deals. The Genuine ink and photo papers by Canon are engineered to work together offering a brilliant print that’s fade resistant and can last up to 300 years!

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Canon BCI-3eC Cyan (Genuine) View Product

Canon BCI-3eC Cyan (Genuine)


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Canon BCI-6BK Black (Genuine) View Product

Canon BCI-6BK Black (Genuine)


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Canon BCI-6C Cyan (Genuine) View Product

Canon BCI-6C Cyan (Genuine)


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Canon BCI-6G Green (Genuine) View Product

Canon BCI-6G Green (Genuine)


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Canon BCI-6R Red (Genuine) View Product

Canon BCI-6R Red (Genuine)


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Canon BCI-6Y Yellow (Genuine) View Product

Canon BCI-6Y Yellow (Genuine)


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Canon CL-38 Colour (Genuine) View Product

Canon CL-38 Colour (Genuine)


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Best Selling Canon Geniune Ink Cartridges

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Order Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges online

Ink isn’t cheap! The amount you spend on Ink Cartridges for Canon Printers might overtake the original cost of the printer. There’s isn’t a way to get around because you need ink cartridges to print! Bring out the best out of your Canon printer by using genuine ink cartridges. Experience an outstanding result and peak performance with your genuine cartridges. Order printer cartridges online with Ink Depot and save more.

Should you use genuine Canon Ink Cartridges?

The answer to this question is, yes! Here are reasons to buy genuine Ink Cartridges.


Genuine cartridges are formulated to produce a consistent print quality. The quality of text, graphics and photos printed using genuine inks are consistent and lasts long.

Reliability of the Printer

Using genuine ink cartridges guarantee the reliability of your printer and prolong its life.

Optimum results

For the best results, it is always advisable to use genuine inks.

Print Frequency

If you print LESS than once every few weeks, you can stick to genuine inks as the chemical in genuine cartridges prevents ink from drying.

Buying a Printer Cartridge? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re committed to helping you find the right Canon Printer Ink Cartridges so you can buy them with confidence. Ink Depot offers the widest range of Genuine Canon Ink cartridges that are suitable for Canon MAXIFY Multifunction printers, Pixma Multifunction Inkjet Printers and more. Enjoy 100% no risk money back guarantee and free shipping on orders over $99.00.

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