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Green Policy


Are you familiar with the fact that basically every component of an empty ink cartridge is recyclable? If you consider that nearly 18 million printer cartridges are sold every year in Australia and only 50% of people properly recycle them, it’s not difficult to understand how harmful this is to the environment.

At Ink Depot we care a great deal about the future of our planet and encourage our customers to recycle their empty ink and toner printer cartridges. You can help us save the environment and educate other people about the cause by correctly recycling your printer cartridges, therefore saving the landfills from chemical and plastic waste.

To properly dispose of your old cartridges follow these steps:


How to recycle your ink cartridges:

Take your empty laser or inkjet printer cartridges and drop them off at the nearest

  • Officeworks
  • JB HiFi store
  • and participating Good Guys, Australia Post, and Harvey Norman outlets. 


You can find more information about recycling, along with a list of local drop off points near you by following this link. If you represent a big company that has large quantities of printer cartridges to recycle click here to find the best collection option.

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