Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridge Considerations when buying a Printer.

Before you choose a new printer make sure you fully understand the implications of replacing printer ink cartridges. Ink cartridges can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars so it is important to find out how much your replacement cartridges will be before you buy your printer. Other considerations include:

Ink cartridge configuration:

Many of the less expensive printers have combined ‘all in one' cartridges. This means if one colour runs out you have to replace the cartridge due to the colours being combined into a single cartridge. Instead, it is often more economical to use a printer that has separate ink cartridges for black and for each individual colour. You will make savings by only replacing the individual ink or toner cartridge that is empty.

Discounted ink cartridges:

You have three main choices when it comes to replacing your ink cartridges. From the most expensive to the least expensive the options are: genuine ink cartridges, compatible ink cartridges or manual ink refills. At Ink Depot we do not sell or encourage the use of refill kits due to quality and standardisation issues. We do however advocate using compatible printer cartridges. Compatible ink cartridges are usually a lot cheaper that genuine ink cartridges. We highly recommend that you choose compatible ink and toner cartridges that are manufactured to quality ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. Your printer warranty will not be void if you choose to use ISO9001 compatible ink cartridges unless the printer manufacturer can prove your printer is at fault because of the cartridges. Most leading brand printers such as HP, Brother, Cannon, Epson and Lexmark have compatible ink cartridges available.

Reliable supply of ink cartridges:

WIth such variations on price for ink and toner cartridges between local retailers you will find on-line stores like Ink Depot are able to offer ink cartridges at substantially discounted prices. Leading printer manufacturers such as HP, Lexmark, Cannon, Brother, Epson produce ink cartridges which are specific for each model of printer.  It is therefore important that you know your printer brand and model number to ensure you are purchasing the correct cartridges for your specific printer. At Ink Depot you will find both genuine and compatible ink cartridges for the major printer brands.

Print cartridge resolution:

Print quality can sometimes be an issue with inkjet printers. This is not usually a result of the ink cartridge but the printer itself. If you are getting poor print quality (e.g. grainy looking text and graphics) it is most likely as result of the resolution or how many dots per inch (DPI) the printer can produce. You can review the print quality settings on your printer. The higher the resolution capability of your printer the higher the image quality. You may find that changing to a higher grade of paper will prevent the ink droplets from soaking into the paper.

For more information about choosing your discounted printer ink and toner cartridges please contact us.

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