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Canon A3 Printers

If you want to print on larger-than-usual paper sizes, you will need an A3 printer. Browse Ink Depot’s range of Canon A3 printers to find the one to suit your needs. All products are at great prices, delivered to you quickly and earn loyalty points.

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A3 rather than A4 printer

If you are still deciding whether to buy an A4 or A3 printer, make sure you fully understand the differences between them, which include: paper size, device size, versatility, expense and printing volume.

It is common to assume that A3 printers are too large and are only needed by businesses that regularly deal with marketing and advertising content. However, Canon A3 printers are also a useful addition to many homes and businesses - both small and large - because of the various advantages of this sized printer.


Device size and speed

A3 printers are much larger than A4 printers and therefore occupy more space. As long as space is not a major constraint, an A3 printer can be accomodated and operated for a variety of print materials. On the plus side, the larger size also means more power so these printers can complete print tasks faster than regular printers.


Paper size

Clearly the biggest difference is that A3 printers can print on paper up to A3 in size (being 29.7 x 42 cm), which is double the standard A4 size. This paper size is useful for documents that need to make a visual impact including high-resolution images, or if you are printing posters, presentations, charts, construction plans, or anytime you need to include detailed information in a document. A3 printers also enable you to print a brochure by folding the paper in half.


Versatile operation

Compared to A4 printers, A3 printers are more versatile, allowing you to print a variety of sizes. Canon’s range of A3 printers not only offer A3 size printing, but some models also offer other functions like faxing, copying and scanning. With these models you get the benefit of A3 printing packed in a multifunction, all-in-one printer which include USB and wireless connection options.


Excellent option for large photo prints

Photographers who like to print out photos with lots of detail often choose A3 printers. To get vivid and life-like photographs make sure you use compatible photo paper.


Higher print volume

Canon A3 printers might require a higher initial investment but typically the toner/ink cartridges have larger capacity than usual which means they need to be replaced less often. A3 printers are typically designed for high volume printing.


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