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Label Printers / Labellers

At Ink Depot, you are sure to find the best label printer (or labeller) for your home or business needs at an affordable price, and delivered to your doorstep fast! We stock a range of handheld and desktop label printers in different colours and with different features. We also stock the roll tapes to use with them from reputed brands like Brother and DYMO.

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What is a label printer?

A label printer or labeller is a device with an in-built keyboard and display that is used for printing out self-adhesive labels for products and cables. They are equipped with special feed mechanisms to take in rolled sheets made of paper or special synthetic plastic polymer material. Label printers are commonly used in retail price marking, supply chain management and for marking specimens in medical laboratories.

Types of label printers

Handheld labellers: Handheld or personal label printers are ideal for small business and home office uses. Advantages of handheld label printers include low cost, ease of use and portability with a cartridge and paper roll integrated inside the device. These labellers are commonly used in supermarkets and retail stores.

Desktop label printers: Designed for heavy duty label printing cycles, these label printers are equipped with larger rolls of paper for medium to large volume printing.

Label printer advantages

As the name implies, you can use label printers for creating a variety of labels with clearly printed details of price, product ID and barcode. Label printers are very easy to use even for those who are non tech-savvy.

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