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Photoconductor Units / Assemblies for Laser Printer & Copier

Find and buy Lexmark and Ricoh photoconductor units for your laser printers at Ink Depot. Search for the one you want using the brand, printer model and photoconductor unit product code. For Fuji, Brother, HP, Canon and Oki printers please refer to the drum units section.

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What is a photoconductor unit?

One of the important components of a laser printer is the photosensitive drum that receives the digitised information from the laser. Depending on the brand this component is known as the photoconductor unit, imaging drum or drum unit. Roughly the size of the forearm, the drum is responsible for transferring toner onto the paper.

How often are photoconductor units changed?

The photoconductor units are consumables just like toner cartridges. The printer alerts you when it is time to change the photoconductor unit after printing out a certain number of pages (page yield). Roughly, a photoconductor unit lasts 3 to 4 times longer than the toner cartridge. How often you need to change the photoconductor unit varies with the brand and model. You can check your printer’s specifications to find out the page yield of your photoconductor unit.

Handling the photoconductor unit

When you are unpacking and replacing photoconductor units, make sure you observe these precautions:

  • The photosensitive drum, as the name suggests, is sensitive to sunlight and can be damaged even if left for a few minutes inside a room. So, unpack and fit it in as quickly as possible.
  • Do not touch the surface of the drum since the oil and dirt on skin can easily damage the drum’s sensitive surface. Use gloves while handling.
  • Avoid causing scratches to the drum while trying to fit it inside the printer. Any scratches on the drum’s surface can impact print quality.
  • Don’t store new photoconductor units in any place where it may be exposed to a lot of light, heat or moisture.

Indications of problems in photoconductor unit

The following issues may indicate that your photoconductor unit needs cleaning or replacement:

  • Black smears
  • Blurry prints
  • Black spots or blotches
  • Poor quality/faded prints

Please note however these indications can also be due to other faulty or worn-out printer components like toner cartridge or transfer rollers. The clearest indicator of a problem with the photoconductor unit is likely to be an error message displayed on the printer screen. Replace your photoconductor unit as soon as you see this message for optimum function and printing.

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