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Transfer Belt Units / Assemblies for Laser Printer & Copier

Get the replacement transfer belt for your laser printer from Ink Depot. We have transfer belts for reputed brands including Oki, Brother, Ricoh, Samsung and Fuji Xerox. Search for the transfer belt you need by filling in your printer brand/model in the search bar. Get your orders delivered fast and earn loyalty points every time.

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What is a transfer belt?

A transfer belt (also known as a transfer roll) is a rotating belt found in most colour laser printers. The transfer belt passes in front of all four toner cartridges, which apply the relevant toner onto the belt. The belt carries the mixture of different toner colours and transfers the toner images onto the paper.

The whole process is quick and only takes a second. The belt also collects any excess toner and sends it to the waste area (usually a waste toner bottle) to avoid toner collecting inside your printer. Please note that not all colour printers have transfer belts. Smaller printers usually have rollers instead of a belt.

When is it time to change the transfer belt?

belts wear out with regular use - how long they last varies between printer brands and models. The printer usually displays a message ‘Replace transfer belt’ when it is time to install a new one. Depending on your printer model, you can check the estimated number of pages it will last for and the remaining life of the belt.

Maintenance of transfer belt

Like many other parts of a laser printer, the life of a transfer belt increases with good maintenance. This involves cleaning it regularly, either manually or by running a software program. Over time, a transfer belt will accumulate toner powder and this build-up of toner can affect the printer’s performance. You will find information on-line as to how to clean a transfer belt. 

Signs of problems in transfer belt

A transfer belt can get damaged with repeated use and can carry scratches or other defects. Any problem in the transfer belt manifests in the form of:

  • Blurred prints
  • Spots
  • Light or dark streaks on the edge of paper
  • Faded prints
  • Colour fringing (i.e., colour distortion where an outline of unwanted colour may appear along the edges of objects)

These signs may indicate that it is time to get a new transfer belt, but the most specific indication is when an error message appears prompting installation of a new belt. You will be able to identify the product you need by filling out the brand and model of your printer in our search engine. Follow the instructions in your printer manual or find guidance online to remove and install a new transfer belt.

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