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Waste Toner Bottles for Laser Printer and Copier

Is your laser printer telling you to replace its waste toner bottle? Here at Ink Depot we carry all the major brands including Lexmark, Kyocera, Brother, Fuji Xerox, Samsung, Ricoh, HP, Oki, Toshiba and Konica. Find the replacement product you need by checking our website for your waste bottle product code, printer brand or model. Products delivered to you fast at affordable prices.

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What is a waste toner bottle?

The waste toner bottle is a container that collects and stores the excess toner powder remaining on the imaging drum after printing. Once a toner bottle is full, the excess powder will accumulate in the printer and reduce the quality of your prints.

Do all laser printers have waste toner bottles?

Most, but not all, laser printers have waste toner bottles. If your printer comes equipped with a separate waste toner bottle, your printer will let you know when it is time to replace it, when it displays a prompt, such as ‘Life End Waste Toner Bottle’ or ‘Near End Waste Toner Bottle’. How often you will have to replace the waste toner bottle varies from printer to printer and your printer use. A small number of laser printers do not have waste toner bottles, such as some HP LaserJet models, and instead the toner cartridges come equipped with built-in containers to collect the toner waste.

Handling a full waste toner bottle

Wear gloves, safety goggles and mask when replacing and disposing of waste toner bottles. Toner dust is harmful when inhaled and must be disposed of with care. After you remove a full toner waste bottle from your printer, make sure it is not placed near anything inflammable as toner powder is extremely susceptible to ignition.

Do’s and don'ts

  • Do purchase and keep a waste toner bottle ready to replace when needed.
  • Do follow the instructions in manual/online guide for your specific model to install the new bottle correctly.
  • Do comply with the correct way of recycling waste toner bottles. Click this link to find a recycler near you
  • Do spread waste paper around the printer while removing and replacing the waste toner bottle as the process can cause a mess.
  • Don’t try to reuse a waste toner bottle by emptying the toner powder it has collected. Toner powder is dangerous to handle without proper precautions and expertise and accidental inhalation can cause health problems. Also, residual toner in the bottle can cause poor quality prints.
  • Don’t tilt a waste toner bottle while removing it.
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